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About Us

In 1977, our founder, Henry Grossbard, developed the Original Radiant Cut Diamond, transforming the diamond industry. His creativity and craftsmanship infused square and rectangular diamonds with the kind of brilliance lacking in the traditional "emerald cut" shape, unleashing for the first time the full brilliance of the exquisite square or rectangular diamond.

Today, Stan Grossbard carries on his father's legacy, selling only the finest radiants, the Original Radiant Cut Diamond. Stan grew up living and breathing diamonds, and worked side by side as a partner with his father for over 20 years. Together with his father, he developed the Original Radiant Cut brand. Stan understands his father's invention completely, and knows the essence of the Radiant Cut better than anyone else in the diamond industry today.

Mr. Grossbard's daughter, Rebecca, works to expand her father's legacy on the West Coast. Stan and Rebecca are backed up by a team of Original Radiant Cut Diamond experts. Together, they ensure that the Original Radiant Cut Diamond is guaranteed to meet the extraordinary standards of quality established by their father.

As an innovator in his industry, Mr. Grossbard always fought to maintain the integrity of his design. He wanted no credit for poorly proportioned Radiant Cuts that sacrificed cut quality in order to maximize the cutter's profit. His legacy was not simply the facet arrangement that made the Radiant Cut possible, but his vision of the diamond itself.

The Grossbard family is committed to maintaining that legacy. Each Original Radiant Cut Diamond is carefully crafted to the highest proportion standards. This gives our Original Radiant Cut Diamonds the proper fire and brilliance, and ensures that our customers never pay for diamond weight that cannot be seen. Each Original Radiant Cut diamond is guaranteed not merely to be a Radiant Cut, but a Radiant Cut worthy of Henry Grossbard's legacy.